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In addition to the above reports, I have written several books that dig even deeper into those issues that people tell me they have the most trouble with when starting a small business.

Here are the ones currently available:

The Primer Series

This series of books is called The Primer Series—where primer is defined as any book of elementary principles. Although these books are directed toward the new, or aspiring, entrepreneur, they can be of value to all small business owners.

Here are the titles currently available:

ENTREPRENEUR! —Can I Be One? (coming soon)

This is the latest book in the Primer Series and it looks at the true definition of an entrepreneur, and the characteristics of an entrepreneur, as well as discussing whether or not you might succeed at entrepreneurship—including a “test” for the reader. For more information, read here.

Small Business Planning: How to Plan Without Writing a Business Plan

Small business entrepreneurs today are constantly bombarded with the admonition that they MUST write a Business Plan—when in reality it could actually harm your business. This little book tells you why, and what to do instead. Click here for more information.

Small Business Bootstrapping: And Other Alternative Ways to Finance Your Small Business

Financing a small business is usually the most difficult part of business ownership. Sometimes, finding money to start, or grow, your business is like searching for the Holy Grail. This little book guides your search through the maze of good and bad information available today. For more information about this book, click here.

Small Business Financial Statements: What They Are, How to Understand Them, and How to Use Them

If you are the owner (or aspiring owner) of a small business, and you’re not familiar with financial statements—this book is for you. For details on the contents of this book, click here.

Crisis Management

Be Your Own Turnaround Manager: A Common Sense Guide to Managing a Business Crisis 

 (This book is being revised for a second edition. If you would like a copy of this first edition, contact me.)

Is your business failing to thrive? You can turn it around and make it successful—this book tells you how, step-by-step. For a complete description of this book, click here.

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That’s about it for now, but please check back periodically to see new books and reports as they are added.

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