Small Business Planning

Small Business Planning: How to Plan Without Writing a Business Plan

Wait! Don’t Write That Business Plan… Yet.

The Business Plan Myth — Busted!

How many books, blogs, and articles have we all read about the need to write a Business Plan for our businesses? Unfortunately, they are only partially correct. The real truth is—most  small business owners will never need to write a formal Business Plan.

Yes, we must plan for our businesses—but trying to follow all the mandatory dos and don’ts set down by most “experts” is not going to help the majority of small business owners.

That is why I wrote Small Business Planning: How to Plan Without Writing a Business Plan.

This book is one of my Small Business Primer Series books, and is directed primarily toward the new, or aspiring, small business owner who is trying to start and run a successful business.

So, if you are currently struggling with writing a “Business Plan”—stop now and read this book on small business planning (without writing a Business Plan). Just click on the arrow button below:

Or, if you are a small business entrepreneur thinking you need to write a Business Plan, you likely have some of these questions:

  •  What is a Business Plan anyway?
  •  Why do I need to write down a bunch of stuff—can’t I just do it?
  •  Can I borrow money without providing a Business Plan?
  •  Who do I need to share my plans with?
  •  What is an Executive Summary?
  •  What is meant by “pitching” my business?
  •  When can I stop this planning stuff?

I created Small Business Planning: How to Plan Without Writing a Business Plan to answer these questions, and many more, for the very new (or about-to-become) business owner.

My name is Bob Foster and my background is unusually eclectic in that it includes working with the smallest of small businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies. I’ve worked in industries from the high-tech world of the “Silicon Forest,” to the commercial fishing grounds of Alaska and Mexico.

I’ve started businesses and sold businesses, so I have felt the excitement of success as well as the sting of failure.

Like most new business entrepreneurs, I have experienced the difficulty of writing a Business Plan, only to discover that it quickly became obsolete and useless.

At the same time, I also learned the value of ongoing planning for my business—and that is what this book is all about!

What is Discussed in This Book

Here is a list of the major topics covered in this book.

  • Why we need to write down ANY plans.
  • Planning vs. a Business Plan.
  • How to create a Planning Workbook.
  • Sharing our plans—to whom and when.
  • Creating the Business Blueprint.
  • Special Planning for Partnerships.
  • The rare instance a few businesses may need a formal Business Plan.
  • Writing and using the Executive Summary.
  • Preparing and presenting a “pitch.”
  • Planning for Business Expansion.

In addition to discussions of the various aspects of small business planning, I have included tips on preparing and submitting a formal business plan—should you ever need one.

To see an actual sample of what’s in Small Business Planning: How to Plan Without Writing a Business Plan, take a look atAmazon’s “Look Inside”—click here.

If you are seriously interested in starting your business the right way—you should strongly consider reading this small book for small business entrepreneurs.

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