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 Business Survival Reality: The Shocking Truth About Business Births and Deaths in the U.S.

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What Are the Real Statistics on Small Business Survival?


Learn Why This Information is Important to You and Your Small Business

“U.S. Business Data Worst in World—and Getting Worse.” This was the headline of an article written by Jerry Useem, when he was an editor of Inc. magazine—in 1996.

It is a fact that no government agency, business “expert,” or University academic knows how many businesses are actually in existence in the U.S.; how many businesses are started each year; or how many businesses fail each year.

Worse yet—the information that does exist, ignores over 75% of all businesses in the U.S., because these businesses are not considered important enough to even count… although they contribute $1 Trillion to the nation’s GDP.

And no one seems to care… until now!

Why is this information important?

Well, here are a few reasons why every businessperson in the U.S. should care about this statistical data:

  • Too many new entrepreneurs charge into the business world oblivious of the possibility of failing—they believe they are invincible to failure. New entrepreneurs need to understand what will likely happen if they do not properly prepare before starting their business.
  • Washington regularly enacts sweeping laws affecting small businesses—with little regard for the already fragile nature of these businesses. Lawmakers, and their staffs, need to stop making false assumptions about the stability of businesses, based on erroneous government data.
  • The same holds true for State, County and local municipalities—rules and regulations made at this level can stop business growth in its tracks. Policy-makers of all stripes need to know about the true precarious nature of the small businesses being impacted by their actions.
  • Politicians, the media, and business “experts,” need to be more aware of the needs of the 75% of all U.S. businesses that are basically being ignored. Lawmakers and the business community must know what is happening to small businesses before they can address any of their problems.
  • Academia often ignores the potential for failure when working with entrepreneurs. Academics and entrepreneurs alike become so caught up in the excitement of “business” that they simply follow erroneous government statistics and frequently ignore the possibility of failure—or they treat it with little concern. That needs to change.
  • Smaller small businesses are what keeps America running on a daily basis—yet the overall business community treats them with disdain. That too must change.

Since there has been little interest shown in determining how many businesses are started annually—and how many fail—I decided to compile a report on this issue using all the data I could find from both private and government sources. The results are presented in my free downloadable (no opt-in) pdf report titled Business Survival Reality: The Shocking Truth About Business Births and Deaths in the U.S. 

Here are the subjects addressed in this report:

  • Definition of a Business
  • Business Census
  • Annual Business Growth
  • Business Births
  • Business Deaths
  • Conclusions
  • Final Thoughts

If you have an interest in what the statistical chances are of your business surviving—take a look at this free pdf report by downloading it here.

It is of the utmost importance to spend the necessary time “preparing” your business before “opening your doors.” Only those few who do the necessary groundwork for their business will survive and become successful—the remainder will simply become a statistic… part of a very large statistic.

So, if you don’t think you need to do all the things required to start and run a successful business—download this free (no opt-in) pdf report and take a look at what happens to those who blindly strike out to start a business when not properly prepared.


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